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Ezypay partners with Edge Learning Solutions

  • January 28, 2024   ⎯   mins read

We are proud to announce our partnership with Edge Learning Solutions, a provider of innovative and personalised learning solutions for schools in New Zealand.

Edge Learning Solutions provides users with an extensive suite of tools that cover all aspects of school management - including attendance tracking, communication platforms, financial management, BOT reports, learning progression monitoring, and library asset management.

Their student management system (SMS) is targeted towards pre, primary and secondary schools in New Zealand, providing institutions with a comprehensive tool for managing their students.

Edge’s solutions are built using the latest technologies, ensuring clients have access to state-of-the-art tools that leverage the power of innovation. With a deep understanding of the complexities of school administration, Edge is constantly working and improving their systems to simplify workflows, streamline processes and automate repetitive tasks. By eliminating manual work and reducing administrative burdens, schools can focus more on what matters most: providing quality education.

The partnership is expected to deliver improvements around payment flexibility by offering more payment options, as well as a large reduction in manual tasks via Ezypay’s automated payment collection.

Edge Learning Solutions Chief Executive Officer, Shaun Croskery, commented on the partnership with Ezypay.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ezypay, merging the legacy and trust of 34 years of MUSAC Edge with the 27-year proven track record of Ezypay. This collaboration means that Edge Student Management System will now offer an integrated, seamless solution for both Direct Debit and Credit Card payments. We recognize the importance of reliability and trustworthiness in financial transactions, and with over six decades of combined experience, schools can be confident that the funds are in secure hands. This enhanced feature comes at no additional cost to schools, with only a minor payment surcharge. Our commitment remains to provide superior value and unmatched convenience to our community."

Ezypay CEO, James Foster, further commented “It is fantastic to have Edge become part of the Ezypay partnership family. We share their commitment to innovation, and it is rewarding to see them focus on improving the experience of payments across students, parents and education providers. The payment experience within the Education industry in New Zealand is behind the times, and I look forward to dramatically changing this with our partnership with Edge.”

With the integration complete, both companies now turn their attention to rolling out Ezypay’s innovative payment solutions to Edge Learning Solutions’ numerous customers.

You can find the full press release in our Media Centre.

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