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Direct debit for sports clubs & associations

  • September 07, 2021   ⎯   mins read

When managing a sports club or association, you’d be well aware of the considerable amount of administration involved in processing registrations, managing payment collection and maintaining memberships.

Whether you work for a junior soccer club or a regional rugby league association, you could benefit from introducing a direct debit payment collection system. This can help to automate some of your management processes and cut down on time-consuming manual administration work, in turn, saving your sports club time and money.

How can direct debit payment solutions help your sports club or association?

Make payment easy

Manually accepting payments is an incredibly time-consuming task, especially for larger sporting clubs. With minimal staff, it can be difficult to keep the club running, so automating fee collection with a direct debit payment solution can greatly improve a club’s efficiency. This will free up staff and club officials to focus on developing players skills and providing the best membership experience possible.

An added bonus of using a direct debit platform is failed payment handling. Payments fail for a number of reasons, so having an automated failed payment process can greatly improve cash flow by recovering lost funds without chasing down members.

Simple registration process

Managing signups for a sports club or association can be a hefty task for both the incoming club members and for those processing the registrations. Using a direct debit service for sports clubs allows your club to accept new registrations online, 24/7. This greatly increases your potential for new sign ups, as the club doesn’t need to be open to accept new members.

An added bonus of this platform is the payment flexibility for new members when it comes to selecting fees or plans. You can give new members the ability to pay for registration in small, affordable instalments, rather than requesting lump sum registration costs. By giving the decision-making power to your members, you’re making it easier for them to come on board, making them more likely to sign up.

Variety of payment options

Do you know that limiting your payment options could discourage new registrations? Just by having direct debit payment solutions for sports clubs offer that flexibility for your members, such as one-off payments, recurring payments, or even advanced collections - giving your members the freedom to choose their preferred way of billing. Keeping your members happy and satisfied leads to improved cash flow and increase collection rates for the long run.

Access to membership fee reports

At any moment, club owners can easily access real-time performance reports such as customer list report, distributions report, transactions detail report, failed payment report and so on. With these reports securely stored on the cloud means you won’t need spend time preparing it, and download reports on-the-go, so you can make informed decisions for future planning.

Get started today!

Ezypay is an industry leading payment provider specialising in the collection of recurring and subscription payments. Our solution has been tailored to maximise your payment collection rates and make it easy for you to manage all incoming payments, while also providing a highly secured and flexible payment experience for new and returning members.

Learn more about Ezypay’s direct debit payment solutions for sports clubs or get in touch with us to find out more!

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