Are you a personal trainer in Malaysia? Here is what you need to know about your industry.

Ezypay has conducted the Fitness Industry Survey since 2008. We decided to do things a little differently this year and segregated the fitness surveys to each country, including Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, to provide true value to all our clients that are specific to their location. The Fitness Industry Survey covers a wide array of topics, from personal trainers to long-term commitment, fitness gadgets, club communication, social media channels and more. In this year’s Malaysia Fitness Industry Survey 2015, we gained an interesting insight into the use of personal trainers.  We have created an insight in this article particularly for you as personal trainer in Malaysia.

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Hot issues faced by a personal trainer in Malaysia

Personal trainers are increasingly becoming a permanent fixture in the fitness industry with promises to assist in achieving fitness goals set by clients. They give you extra motivation, teach you the correct techniques, and track your progress. However, according to the Malaysia Fitness Industry Survey 2015, this is an untapped aspect of the Malaysian Fitness landscape, with an overwhelming majority previously and currently not using a personal trainer Malaysia – 80.3% of the respondents to be exact. Only 19.7% of the survey respondents have previously, or are presently using a personal trainer Malaysia.

For the 19.7% who have noted that they have had experience with a personal trainer in Malaysia, the majority used one for 3 months or less (45.0%), for only one visit (22.5%), 4 to 6 months (17.5%), 7 to 9 months (7.5%), over 24 months (5.0%) and more than 12 months (2.5%). 0.00% used a personal trainer for 10 to 12 months.

For those who have used a personal trainer in Malaysia, the majority took advantage of their trainer’s fitness expertise to get advice on exercise (32.5%). 27.5% used one because it was already included in their gym membership while 25.0% saw that a personal trainer in Malaysia was a great way to get better results. A further 25.0% realised that personal trainers are also there as a support system, using a PT because they needed the extra motivation, while 7.5% needed assistance in creating an exercise program. With the rise of popularity, it is no surprising that 7.5% enlisted one because it was something they have always wanted to do/try while another 7.5% participated in a group session. 5.0% of the survey respondents had “other” reasons, 2.5% followed their friend’s footsteps and used a PT because their friend was working out with one, and another 2.5% because everyone else was using one.  As a personal trainer in Malaysia what kind of advise can you give people on health and fitness?  Can you specialise in an area and become well known for it?

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However, despite these various reasons for Malaysian gym-goers to use a personal trainer in Malaysia, there were also many reasons as to why they ceased their training. It is disappointing to note that 44.1% of respondents did not believe that the value of personal trainers was equivalent to the monetary value, as the price of a personal trainer was deemed too expensive. While 14.7% are still currently going and working out with their trainer, 11.8% did not get the results they wanted. 11.8% moved away, while 8.8% learned the right technique and so didn’t need their trainer’s guidance, while a further 11.8% didn’t need the extra motivation. An equal amount of 2.9 of respondents achieved their fitness goals, didn’t like their PT’s style, found them annoying or found another fitness activity to partake in.  An interesting insight if you are a personal trainer in Malaysia.

According to the Malaysian Fitness Industry Survey 2015, a personal trainer’s reputation is important to gaining and keeping clients. In order to ensure that members choose the right personal trainer in Malaysia, the majority of members listened to other’s experience and chose their trainer based on referral (35.0%). 35.0% also chose their personal trainer in Malaysia on experience while 22.5% were chosen based on availability. Engagement with member’s at the gym is also vital for a personal trainer as 12.5% chose their personal trainer in Malaysia because they spoke to them, and another 12.5% because they looked good. 10.0% had “other” reasons while another 10.0% were chosen based on their qualifications.

Personal trainers are an important contributor to the growth of the local fitness industry, but are yet to become an integral part of the Malaysian fitness landscape. In order to enhance the use of personal trainers in Malaysia, it is important for gyms and clubs to emphasise the benefits of using a personal trainer and to increase engagement between members and trainers.

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