Save time! Free business management tools

free business management tools

I’m going to state the obvious – running a business requires a lot of time, hard work and effort. But here is something that is not-so-obvious – there are so many free business management tools that can make running your business less time consuming, less difficult and less stressful.

Save time! Check out these free business management tools

Gather your thoughts with Evernote

You jot down your ideas whenever it comes to your mind, collecting notes, articles, photos, documents and other materials that may help with your work to help gather everything in one workspace to present a beautiful screen-friendly layout that will impress your boss, clients, colleagues and friends.

Evernote provides you with one workspace where you can write, collect, find and present your work. Evernote will sync across all devices and keep everything together so that you can efficiently work with less time trying to gather all your random thoughts. Gather your thoughts with Evernote.

Stop wondering what you have to do next with Wunderlist

You have so many things that you need to get done. From meetings to appointments to grocery shopping to your daughter’s dance recital. You’re having trouble remembering everything, and keeping track of all your errands.

Wunderlist is the easiest way to get stuff done. You can plan for anything which is why it is on the list of the top free business management tools business owners should have. Create a to-do list by entering every task you have to do as soon as it is given to you. From there, you can set due dates and reminders so you will never forget or miss a deadline again. What makes Wunderlist a step away from the crowd is it’s ability to let you share these lists with anyone. So now, if you don’t want to spend time researching for that presentation, you can delegate this task to someone else in the team, or your colleagues, friends and family.

Create visually engaging designs with Canva

Canva is every non-designer’s saving grace – no design experience necessary. You don’t need design experience with Canva, as its function – Design School – shows you techniques and shortcuts to using its services, as well as sharing ideas of how to effectively engage your audience through design. If you need more ideas, then check out their Stream function where users upload designs that they have created for more inspiration.

Make your infographs beautiful and exciting with

There is a reason why currently has had 800, 000 users who have created 1 million infographs and is listed as on of the top free business management tools for business owners. They make infographs simple and easy to create. First step – choose one of their pre-designed templates to get started – or if you’re feeling particularly creative, start fresh and design your own from scratch – and then you’re good to go. Don’t spend so much time and effort on these presentations when you can save time with

Falling victim to time wasting? Do not fear, RescueTime is here

RescueTime is what all time wasters and procrastinators need to get serious about focusing their time. You can gain a valuable insight on how you spend your time, be shocked (or not) about how much time you are actually wasting and start taking agency to fix it. Watch your productivity levels improve every day with RescueTime.

These free business management tools are there to make your business and work like easier. While running a business would still require hard work and effort, it doesn’t have to require as much hard work and effort, well not if these free business management tools have anything to say about it.

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