20% of people make ongoing charity donations by direct debit

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The numbers are in –  BACS research is showing that 20% of people make ongoing charity donations by direct debit.  Not only that money donated by direct debit for ongoing charity donations across a year is worth more than any other method of donation.

In comparison 6% made ongoing charity donations by text and 5% made ongoing charity donations through a giving network.


Whilst this is still a donation and every bit helps charity sector specialist Graham Callaghan said:“Encouraging people to sign-up to Direct Debit could increase levels of giving, but it also makes it cheaper and more efficient for charities to process these payments, so it really is win-win.

“The potential for increasing these benefits across the sector is significant and we can provide support to organisations in offering Direct Debit as a preferred payment option.”


So if you are a charity looking for ways to increase your ongoing charity donations direct debit is certainly a method you need to seriously consider.  Ezypay offers you the ability to sign up donors in a variety of methods including in person and from your website.


Ezypay also has a direct debit gateway product that works through an api so you can connect all the data to your current CRM system.  Each donation will be updated against your donors record  keeping both systems in sync without your admin team having to lift a finger.


For more information about using Ezypay for your ongoing charity donations you can contact our sales team at
hello@ezypay.com or 1300 762 726.


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